Yami is the goddess of the second moon. A happy-go-lucky trickster who is obsessed with humans and human cultures.

 Her main color scheme is pitch black with some gold parts. Her breast size, you ask? It's double half moons!

 She has two main forms: the goddess form, and the casual form.

 Her default form is the goddess form. It consists of a pitch black dress with loose off-shoulder sleeves and a slit on the right thigh that starts at the waist. The inside of her dress is galaxy-themed.

The casual form is a black bunnyhug with a printed bunny hugging the moon. She's wearing a cap with a crossed out "Sun" matched with a pair of shades moonglasses.

 Cybersonified by Enne.

Goddess Yami by Arden
Design by Eyzi
Details by Eyzi
Reference sheet by Rend

While it rarely happens, Yami can switch to her other phases, often involuntarily, which affects her personality. These chibis are done by Yuchi.

Extra Art
Live2D model by kgr㌠
Vroid model by DDMaviss
Casual Yami by LoliDango
Goddess Yami by Alice Vu
Goddess Yami by Aemu
Goddess Yami by Likesac
Goddess Yami by Megatama
Casual Yami by Gar32